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Jiangsu IAQ Engineering Co.Ltd is a subsidiary company of IAQ group owned by TOPTRANS. It is founded in 2002, specializing in design, civil & structural, M&E installation and clean room construction. To-date, we have successfully delivered lots of quality 'turn-key' projects especially in semiconductor, micro-electronics, photovoltaic, pharmaceutical laboratory, R&D center and related fields.

The key to our success is our experienced technical team and professional management skill. Under the management guidance, we have dedicated young and talented design team who has the latest design approach and apply the 'know-how' philosophy to ensure we are always at the frontiers of the industry. We are capable of developing easy maintenance, low energy consumption and environmental friendly projects so that we can offer better, reliable, more robust and easy operating end products to our customers.

The services IAQ provided are well recognized and known in the industry as we have lots of long term business relationship customers who we continue to provide our services to till to-date.

Other than IAQ who specialize in design and construction of clean room, TOPTRANS have also invested in manufacturing clean room related products in the market.

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