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Basic elements

Cleanroom Design Flow Chart

 Process Layout Approach


 Parts of the Cleanroom

FAB Clean Room


Make-UP Air, Recirculation Air, Temp & RH Control, Exhaust, Diff Pressure, Chilled Water, Steam Sytem, Air Velocity, Air Change Rate


Raised Floor, EQ Layout, Vibration, Partion, Static Elec, Magnetic Interference


Soil Drilling, Soil Analysis, Vibration Meas

Public Utility

City Water, Power System, Road Transportation, Gas Line


Clean Room Management, House Keeping, Air Shower, Noise Control


Fire Alarm, Gas Detection, Safety Corridor, Fire Wall, Emergency Shower, Paging, Communication, Breathing Air


High Tension Power, EQ Power, Lighting Power, Emergency Power, UPS


Supply, Chemical Disgense, Gas Supply, Process Cooling Water, Drain, Waste Water Treat, Waste Reclaim, Plant Vacuum


Cleanroom features

Environment Conditions

Cleanliness, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Vibration, Noise, Easy to Clean and No Smell

Flexible Space

Static Elimination, Monitoring System, Standardized Cleaning, Rationalization Moving Lines

Prevention for Public Hazard & Disaster

Exhaust Gas Treatments Equipment, Wastewater Treatments Equipment, Poison Gas Dilution System, Noise Prevention and Countermeasures, Easy to Maintain, Evacuation Path Signal Board, Fire System, Emergency Shower, Eyewash System, Toxic Gas Detection System, Shockpro of Countermeasures

Continuous Opetation

Back-up System, Power Failure Protection Equipment, Central Monitoring System, Energy Saving Plan


Basic Consideration of Cleanroom

Basic Consideration



Base Size Too Small, Environmental Regulation, Factory Exhaust


Distance from The Highway, Distance From the Airport and Por, Distance from The Materials Supplier

Natural Condition

 Temperature and Humidity, Raining and Snowing, The Wind from Beach Side, Earthquake

Cleanliness Class

Why Need A Cleanroom, The Most Suitable Level, Temperature and Humidity Requirement, Vibration, Noise, Electromagnetic


Location of Factory, Scalability of Equipment, Size Based on Demand, Operation Safety


Quality of The Water, The Capacity of Water & Electrical Supply, Supply Source Distance, Voltage Magnitude

Move In Plan

Staff & Equipment, Appropriate Structure, Emergency Plan


 Manpower, Engineer, Education, Health Care and Culture

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